Emerging Filmmakers Showcase

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Filmmakers Matthew Newman and Lena Dunham in Person!
at Pleasant Street Theater

Wednesday Feb. 3  9:00pm only!
$3 Special Admission

The Hunting of Wayne

A film by Matthew Newman

The Hunting Of Wayne is a short experimental narrative film.  A poetic
character study of a man living with Huntington's Disease combined
with an inner monologue of the character at earlier points in his life
as well as first person poetic writing by the actor about the loss of
his first child.  This is all portrayed within a fractured "plot" of a
man failing to become a vampire.

Matthew Newman-Long M.F.A. has been making films and videos for the
past 12 years. His work has been screened extensively in the United
States as well as internationally.  He has taught film and video
production for the past 7 years at numerous different institutes.  His
work varies from diaristic Super8, to cut out collage animation, to
fractured narratives, but all live within the experimental/personal
realm.  He is a father of two children, one that watches over him and
one that he watches over.

Creative Nonfiction

A film by Lena Dunham

Ella is a college student, but she's more focused on her pseudo-romance with her dorm mate Chris than on the screenplay she's supposed to be finishing for her Creative Writing class. Reality and fiction are indistinguishable as she tries and fails to differentiate her script from her increasingly awkward social life.

Lena Dunham was born in New York City in 1986. She's still there, although she left briefly to attend Oberlin College (she graduated in 2008 with a degree in creative writing.)  In high school, Lena worked as a dog groomer and a video store clerk (3 weeks). Then came an ill-advised tenth-grade stint in standup comedy school. She also contributed to adolescent girl magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue. Now, she writes and directs movies. Sometimes she acts in other people's movies, and sometimes she write different kinds of articles.

She has been interviewed by Interview Magazine, Scarlett Cinema, Spout and The Rumpus).

Lena is one of Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces of Independent Film (2009).

The Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at Pleasant Street Theater provides a monthly platform for filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds to showcase their work.

Films will be considered neither for their commercial potential nor their avant-garde nature, but rather for the passion and creative spark with which they are created. Work can be narrative or experimental, short or feature length, documentary or music video. The primary criteria are commitment to cinema and desire for one's work to be seen. Filmmakers are encouraged to accompany their films to the screenings when possible, to introduce their work and answer questions.

The Emerging Filmmakers Showcase cannot provide rental fees for screenings, but can provide access to a nurturing environment for emerging filmmakers of all types. Screenings will be held the first Wednesday of every month. The program will run for two hours, so work should be of an appropriate length. Work with explicit sexual material and/or gratuitous violence cannot be considered for the series. Work must be provided on DVD (two copies preferred) and mailed to:

Amherst Cinema & Pleasant Street Theater
Attn:  Curators, Emerging Filmmakers Showcase
28 Amity St – Suite 1H
Amherst MA 01002

For more information please contact emerging@amherstcinema.org