Fantastic Planet

Directed by Rene Laloux. 72 minutes. Rated PG. French with subtitles.
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Director René Laloux's animamted marvel FANTASTIC PLANET, released in 1973, remains a singular experience.

Set on distant planet Ygam, enslaved humans are kept as pets and playthings by the gigantic blue Draags. Terr, our protagonist, is born into captivity, and we follow him as he grows up, escapes his owner, and encounters an escaped group of human rebels.

With beautiful, painting-like animation helmed by Roland Topor, a colleague of Alejandro Jodorowsky and actor in Werner Herzog's NOSFERATU, and a psychedelic jazz score by Alain Goraguer, who played with Serge Gainsbourg, FANTASTIC PLANET is a counterculture classic and a perennially compelling statement against conformity and violence.