Art On Screen

These art films take you into the personal and creative lives of history's best-loved artists. Get unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the world's most in-demand art exhibitions, all without leaving the theater!

Entering his 9th decade, prolific artist David Hockney shows absolutely no evidence of slowing down or losing his trademark boldness. Featuring intimate and in-depth interviews with Hockney, this revealing film focuses on two blockbuster exhibitions held in 2012 and 2016 at the Royal Academy of Art in London.
Sun, 6/10
Focusing on the work, life and times of Katsushika Hokusai, Japan’s greatest artist, this documentary uses stunning close-ups and expert insights to illustrate his wide-ranging influence and extraordinary legacy, and presents an exclusive private view of the major British Museum exhibition "Hokusai: beyond the Great Wave."
Sat, 6/23
Delving deep into Van Gogh's fascinating and sometimes deeply troubled world comes this definitive, award-winning documentary directed by David Bickerstaff. VINCENT VAN GOGH: A NEW WAY OF SEEING showcases Van Gogh’s iconic works like never before and features exclusive interviews with the curatorial team at the Van Gogh Museum.
Sat, 7/21
Tue, 7/24
CANALETTO AND THE ART OF VENICE is an immersive journey into the life and art of Venice’s famous view-painter. No artist better captures the essence and allure of Venice than Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto.
Sat, 8/4
Told through Monet’s own words and shot on location at the very spots he painted, the film features his most loved paintings in an unforgettable, immersive art experience.
Sat, 8/18
After 500 years Bosch’s paintings still shock and fascinate us. Delve into the vivid imagination of this true visionary.
Sat, 8/25