Big in Japan

Big in Japan returns this September, as Amherst Cinema pays tribute to some of the wild visionaries of contemporary and classic Japanese cinema.

This unsung treasure from Hayao Miyazaki nestles a tale of morality and identity inside a soaring airborne adventure.
Wed, 8/30
Fri, 9/1
Gory revenge is raised to the level of visual poetry in Toshiya Fujita’s stunning LADY SNOWBLOOD.
Fri, 9/8
Based on the classic comic created by Osamu Tezuka (ASTRO BOY), written by Japanese anime legend Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA) and directed by Rintaro (GALAXY EXPRESS 999), METROPOLIS is a spectacular film featuring stunning imagery and unforgettable characters.
Fri, 9/15
An unlucky gas station attendant gets more than he bargained for when he goes up against the yakuza, who have kidnapped his junior baseball team's coach. This is the second feature from renowned action auteur Takeshi "Beat" Kitano.
Fri, 9/22
Jubei Kibagami has always been the master dealer of death, but in rescuing a ninja woman from a monster he sets loose a chain of events that puts death in his own veins and sends him on a nightmarish odyssey through a surreal ancient Japan.
Fri, 9/29