The Contestado - Mortal Remains

Directed by 

Director Sylvio Back in Person!
at Amherst Cinema
Thursday 3/31   7:30 pm
FREE to Five College Students!  Bring valid ID to the Amherst Cinema or Pleasant Street Theater box office by 3/30 for your complimentary admission.
Sylvio Back and his film will be introduced by UMass Deputy Chancellor Todd Diacon, a historian of Brazil who has written about the Contestado.

A "docudrama" exploring the Contestado War (1912 - 1916), the film uses 30 mediums in trances as witnesses and draws also on surviving memories and controversies about this violent conflict. In the south of Brazil, disputes over borders, lands, and modernization were intensified when a messianic leader inspired his numerous followers to rise up against local landowners and the Brazilian government. Although the rebellion involved thousands of civilians and half of Brazil's active military -- armed with modern weapons --  the Contestado and its significance remain largely absent from national memory, a situation Back's film attempts to correct.
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Director Sylvio Back.  118 mins, Portuguese with Subtitles.





Sylvio Back, the son of Hungarian and German immigrants who went to Brazil in 1935, has directed 37 films, including short and medium-length documentaries and full-length films, both fiction and non-fiction.   Back has also published 20 books: poetry, essays, and scripts of several of his films.  He has been awarded over 70 national and international honors.