Concession Stand Menu

Craving popcorn? Our beloved concession stand is open with a limited menu for those attending small group ticketed screenings.

Members can redeem their free concessions benefits for anything on the menu except the Divine chocolate bars and water bottles.

We are only accepting credit cards and Amherst Cinema gift cards at this time. No cash will be accepted.

Please note that the concession stand is open only for ticketholders at the start of their movie. Our lobby is not currently open for walk-in customers.

Concession Stand Menu, Spring 2021

Medium popcorn – $5.75

Medium Italian soda – $4.00
      Lime, Pomegranate or Raspberry

Large coffee – $4.00

Hot tea – $3.75
      Peppermint or Earl Grey

Divine 70% dark chocolate bar – $6.00

Bottled Water  $3.75