5 College Student Film & Video Festival Winners 2013

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Catch seven award-winning videos from the 2013 Five College Student Film & Video Festival:

THE DEVIL'S HOUSE: Best of Fest, Best Documentary, Best of Hampshire: Erick Msumanje, Hampshire College.  11 mins.

A student’s remembers leaving his home behind and coming to a strange new place called, America, or as it was described to him, the Devil’s House.


IN BLOOM: Best Narrative, Best of Smith: Katarina Neskovic, Smith College.  10 mins.

In Bloom tells the story of Jann, a colorful and curious man, who searches for love and connection with his new neighbors across the hall.


HIKARI: Best Animation: Xiaohan Lu, Hampshire College.  4 mins.

“Hikari” means “light”, or “glow” in Japanese. The word literally represents the key elements in my animated short. Done in a minimalist black-and-white style, the short follows the story of a glowing spirit ball, followed by others of its kind. These spirits travel through different layered and imagined environments.


18 MILE BEACH: Best Experimental: Sasha Hsuczyk, Hampshire College.  11 mins.

This film addresses issues of post-racial identity and diluted Chinese heritage based on Sasha's experience and on the experiences of her mother, a Chinese immigrant. The footage was shot in 1968 in China by her grandfather before the family moved to America, and the narration is from interviews Hsuczyk conducted with her mother.


KINDER DAYS: Best of UMASS: Rory Sayce, UMass.  17 mins.

RETRIBUTION: Best of Amherst: Matthew Hartzler, Amherst College. 3 mins.


HERE NOR THERE: Best of Mount Holyoke: Jamie Theophilos, Mount Holyoke College. 10 mins.

Montview Neighborhood farm, Northampton's first community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm, not only provided a public space on conservation land but also used sustainable agriculture techniques to reduce the use of fossil fuels in it's local food production. In December of 2011, Montview farm lost it's license to the city of Northampton. Here nor There documents their closure and how greatly Montview farm impacted the Northampton community.


The Festival:

The Five College Student Film and Video Festival is an annual event featuring original films and videos by Five College students. Founded in 1994, the festival has become an important venue for film students to meet, collaborate, and share their productions with their peers and with the college film community.

Students from each of the Five Colleges organize the festival with the assistance of a Student Director from the host college and a faculty advisor. The festival, which is sponsored by the Five College Film Council, is a competitive event held at the end of the spring semester. Submissions are evaluated by a jury of students and film faculty from each of the Five Colleges. Selected works are shown at the festival and awards are given for the best works in designated categories.