The Antidote

101 mins.
Directed by Kahane Cooperman & John Hoffman

Playing through November 19.

  • Platform:  Eventive
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  • How to watch:  Through the Eventive app for Apple TV or Roku, or through the internet browser on your computer, phone, or tablet

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The divisions in the United States are what drive headlines and political discourse. But kindness — as a serious response, a vital counterbalance, and a tool to make things better — is instrumental to American life. The country is filled with a constellation of everyday citizens not performing small gestures or what are often called “random acts of kindness,” but intentional, willful, and sometimes large-scale efforts to improve the lives of others.

Directors Kahane Cooperman and John Hoffman set out to find examples of this kindness, and they find many: a Congolese refugee family in Alaska; a California teacher whose class fosters religious tolerance; a single mom in Texas receiving help continuing her education; a clinic that restores respect and provides health care to the homeless population in Boston; members of a differently-abled center in upstate New York that is a vibrant part of its town; a subsidized housing center in Portland, Oregon that blends the needs of seniors and foster families; a professor of Christian Ethics in Georgia who renounced his anti-LGBTQ+ views; an Indianapolis community organizer who lives up to his job title of “Roving Listener.”

“If ever there was a time for kindness, this is it,” says Hoffman. “It wouldn’t have occurred to us to make this film a few years ago. But THE ANTIDOTE was made in response to the time we’re living in now.”