The Architects

97 mins.
Directed by Peter Kahane
German with subtitles

Daniel has high hopes as he pulls a team together to design a vibrant community center for a new housing development. When the nonconformist plans are rejected, he starts feeling alienated. His colleagues increasingly leave him alone. Even his wife becomes despondent; like so many others, she’d like to move to West Germany with their daughter. When she does, Daniel is left to wonder what happened to his country and its people.

This somber, finely-drawn portrait of life in East Berlin depicts a young architect whose life and goals are strangled by the communist dogma of an older generation. The Architects was one of the first fiction films to deal with the experience of both East Germany and the unification periods. Filmed as East Germany crumbled and the Berlin Wall was dismantled, the crew had to rebuild the Wall to shoot the final scenes.

Presented in collaboration with the DEFA Film Library, UMass Amherst. Director Peter Kahane in person, in conversation with by Skyler Arndt-Briggs, Executive Director, DEFA Film Library at UMass Amherst.

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