Back For Good

91 mins.
Directed by Mia Spengler
German with subtitles

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Angie is a reality-TV star who is doggedly clinging onto her fading career.

Fresh out of rehab, she suddenly finds herself without any money, friends or a place to live and is condemned to returning to her mother in her hated dump of a hometown.

Angie's teenage sister Kiki is also finding life tough-going. Due to her epilepsy, her mother Monika insists that she wears a freaky protective helmet.

The consequence: Kiki is ostracised and bullied, her life has long since become the hell from which her mother is trying to protect her.

As Angie takes up residence on the air mattress beside Kiki's bed, she appears to be the perfect adviser to help Kiki struggle out of her social isolation and the two grow closer.

BACK FOR GOOD is a bittersweet ode to humanity - quietly hummed whilst an auto-tuned pop song blares out of the radio.