In Bed With Ulysses

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SOLD OUT! Celebrate Bloomsday with this remarkable documentary about James Joyce's most visionary work. 

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Racing against impending blindness, a monomaniacal genius feeds off his own love life to create a novel he hopes will change the art form of fiction forever. And James Joyce got his way, but at an enormous price. "In Bed With Ulysses" tells the provocative story of how the novel that is widely considered the greatest work of modern fiction was created, detailing the toll Ulysses took on its author and his family, the shockwaves it caused around the world, the fight to censor and suppress it, and its ultimate liberation and impact.. With readings featuring Kathleen Chalfant (Angels in America, Wit) as Molly Bloom.

Director Alan Adelson and Kate Taverna.  80 mins, NR.

"The movie lets fresh air into Ulysses like a gust from the Irish Sea."
—NY Times (click for more...)