Drawn Together Program 1: Experimentation and Character

67 mins.
Directed by 
This is part one of two original programs of animated shorts, curated by Valley-based artists. Click here for information on part two.

Curated by Valley-based animators Jason and Aya Brown (Overture) and Jo Dery, DRAWN TOGETHER PROGRAM 1: EXPERIMENTATION AND CHARACTER offers independent shorts that highlight experimentation with character animation.

Guest animator Jake Fried, whose films have shown at the Tate Modern, the Sundance Film Festival and Adult Swim, will also join us.

An international selection will introduce new, humorous, strange and beautiful works.

Works by artists including Overture, Jake Fried, Jo Dery, Marc and Emma, Lorelei Pepi, Lei Lei, David Lewandowski, Amy Lockhart, Lorio Damioano, Chintis Lundgren, and Peter Millard.

Jo Dery will debut a new short and Overture will share a teaser of a new animation they are currently working on during the Q&A portion of the evening.