Dreams for the Living: A Selection of Opertura Animations

30 mins.
Directed by Opertura

Playing through December 3. 

  • Platform:  Amherst Cinema via Agile Ticketing
  • Ticket details: FREE to Amherst Cinema Members, $5 general admission  //  30 days to start watching  //  three days to finish once started
  • How to watch:  Through the internet browser on your computer, tablet, or smart phone

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Aya Yamasaki and Jason Brown of Opertura join us Tuesday, November 24 at 7pm for a Q&A on Facebook Live. Visit our Facebook page then to join the discussion.

DREAMS FOR THE LIVING is a collection of animation by independent animation collaborative unit, Opertura (Aya Yamasaki and Jason Brown).

Colorful watercolors and playful characters describe stories of growth, death and living in an ever shifting world. The animations are wordless and set to music, some of the pieces have the original music replaced with live scorings.

Amherst Cinema is thrilled to welcome back Aya and Jason following 2016's DRAWN TOGETHER animated shorts program, which was curated by and featured work from Opertura.

This program will be FREE to Amherst Cinema Members.