The Goldfish

111 mins.
Directed by Alireza Golafshan
German with subtitles

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Oliver is a hard-working portfolio manager, living life in the fast lane. But after a devastating car crash he ends up in hospital. Diagnosis: paraplegia. In denial about his condition and determined to move forward as if nothing has changed, Oliver is uncooperative in rehabilitation and cares more about the facility’s wi-fi connection than physical therapy.

When he stumbles across the “Goldfish,” an unsuspecting group of physically challenged people who also live at the facility, he uses them as cover to smuggle his illegal earnings across the Swiss border. In the process, he learns that there is more to life than money and finds happiness at a moment when he least expects it.

It all ends up in a rousing road trip – beyond the boundaries of greed, glamour, luck, and legality.