A Hero

New York Times Critics' Pick
127 mins.
Directed by Asghar Farhadi
Farsi with subtitles

Winner of the Grand Prix at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, the latest film from two-time Academy Award-winning writer/director Asghar Farhadi (A SEPARATION, THE SALESMAN) is set in the stunning, historic city of Shiraz, Iran.

A sign-painter and calligrapher, Rahim is on two-day leave from debtors’ prison when he’s offered an unethical opportunity to change his fate. He wards off temptation and instead commits a selfless act. But his good deed goes viral, and with more visibility, his intentions come under intense public scrutiny. A suspenseful, intricately plotted parable, A HERO showcases Farhadi’s gift for finding universal moral relevance in the particularities of Iranian society – and here dramatizes the inherent dangers of social media.

“The winner of two Oscars (for A SEPARATION in 2012 and A SALESMAN five years later), [Asghar Farhadi] makes films with the discipline and insight of a first-rate novelist. A HERO is as anxious and swift as a thriller, with the density and observational acuity of a 19th-century three-decker.” A.O. Scott. A New York Times Critic's Pick!