Internet Cat Video Festival 2015

90 mins.
Directed by 

Want your kitty on the big screen? Send a picture to manager[@] before the event, and we'll play it on screen before the festivals!

We will also be collecting supply donations for Dakin Humane Society. To help support future cat (and dog) internet video stars, bring any of the following items: canned cat food, paper towels, bleach, antibacterial hand soap, dish soap, dry erase markers and board cleaner, human baby food (chicken or turkey, no vegetable please), trash bags, laundry soap, towels, and postage stamps.

The Internet Cat Video Festival is the first offline celebration of online cat videos. The festival is a live event, gathering fellow feline fanatics to watch a curated collection of cat clips —from six second Vine videos to short films and everything in between — on the big screen!

In August 2012, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis planned a small experiment as part of its outdoor summer programming on Open Field, the greenspace adjacent to the museum. What if there were an evening program dedicated to the Internet phenomenon of cat videos?

Word of the event quickly spread internationally via social media and the press, including coverage as varied as the New York Times, the BBC, Japanese television, Australian talk shows, Brazilian newspapers, CNN, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, Cat Fancy, Slate, Time Magazine, CHEEZburger, and many more. The result was some 10,000 people (and a few celebricats) gathered on the hillside at the Walker, enjoying the first Internet Cat Video Festival — together.

Subsequent installments —a t the Minnesota State Fair Grand Stand (with Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, among other special guests) and back at Walker’s Open Field last year —attracted similar crowds, and the overwhelming success of the event has led to international tours of the program.

It lands at Amherst Cinema on Friday night November 6th @ 10pm and Saturday afternoon November 7th @ 1pm.

The program runs 90 minutes and will feature approximately 100 cat videos culled from nominations by the public in the categories of Comedy, Drama, Animated, Musical, Action, Vintage, and Documentary.