Johnny Guitar

110 mins.
Directed by Nicholas Ray

In this intensely stylized masterpiece from director Nicholas Ray, Vienna (Joan Crawford), a savvy saloon owner, has built a successful gambling den in the wilds of frontier Arizona—attracting the wrath of the neighbouring town in the process.

Semi-retired gunslinger Johnny Guitar (Sterling Hayden) rides into the middle of the face-off, falls in love with Vienna, and joins her stand against the angry locals.

Misunderstood by American audiences upon release, the film was embraced by European cineastes and is now regarded as one of the greatest Westerns of all time.

#122 on the BFI Sight & Sound Greatest Films of All Time.

“It’s the Western as a fairy tale, almost, an extravagant and poetic and terrifying melodrama coursing with lust, desire, hate, and despair... no Western cuts so deeply and singularly as JOHNNY GUITAR.”
–IndieWire's #1 Western of All Time