91 mins.
Directed by Ousmane Sembene
Wolof with subtitles

Last day Thursday, February 25.

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On Monday, February 15, Samba Gadjigo, Helen Day Gould Professor of French at Mount Holyoke College, joined us Facebook Live to discuss the film and the filmmaker. Professor Gadjigo is a Sembene scholar and co-directed the 2015 documentary SEMBENE!

Click here to watch a recording of the discussion.

This second feature by Ousmane Sembène was the first movie ever made in the Wolof language—a major step toward the realization of the trailblazing Senegalese filmmaker’s dream of creating a cinema by, about, and for Africans.

After jobless Ibrahima Dieng receives a money order for 25,000 francs from a nephew who works in Paris, news of his windfall quickly spreads among his neighbors, who flock to him for loans even as he finds his attempts to cash the order stymied in a maze of bureaucracy, and new troubles rain down on his head.

One of Sembène’s most coruscatingly funny and indignant films, MANDABI—an adaptation of a novella by the director himself—is a bitterly ironic depiction of a society scarred by colonialism and plagued by corruption, greed, and poverty.