One Mind

78 mins.
Directed by Edward A. Burger
Mandarin with subtitles

Filmmaker Edward A. Burger in person! Presented in collaboration with Amherst College.

The monks at Zhenru Chan Monastery in eastern China continue to uphold a strict monastic code established over 1200 years ago by the founding patriarchs of Zen in China. In harmony with the land that sustains them, the monks operate an organic farm, grow tea, and harvest bamboo to fuel their kitchen fires.

Director Edward A. Burger has lived and studied with Buddhist communities in China for over 15 years, and is the first Western filmmaker to be granted such unprecedented access to the daily rituals and traditions practiced in this remote mountain monastery.

More than a portrait of life within this monastic community, ONE MIND is an experiment in Buddhist filmmaking. A markedly quiet and contemplative film, Burger has set forth to craft a documentary that is not ‘about’ Buddhism, but rather a ‘Buddhist film’.

About the filmmaker: Edward A. Burger studied Religious Studies at The College of Wooster and studied Buddhism with Antioch University in Bodh Gaya, India. While abroad he travelled to Myanmar and temporarily ordained as a monk for one month’s time, a pivotal experience that fueled his fascination of and commitment to East Asian culture and spiritual practices.

Following graduation, Edward moved to China, where he would live for 12 years and learn Mandarin. He journeyed to the Zhongnan Mountains to direct AMONGST WHITE CLOUDS, his first feature documentary film. Edward has since directed a second feature documentary, A LIFE IN SHADOWS, and is producing a series of short films including VOWS and ALMS.