Out of the Blue

94 mins.
Directed by Dennis Hopper

Limited five-day run, Friday 4/22–Tuesday 4/26!

Dennis Hopper directed and stars in OUT OF THE BLUE, the spiritual sequel to his own EASY RIDER, chronicling the collapse of sixties idealism into the nihilistic haze of the 1980s.

Don Barnes (Hopper) is a truck driver in prison for drunkenly smashing his rig into a school bus. Linda Manz (DAYS OF HEAVEN) plays CeBe, his daughter, a young teen rebel and outsider obsessed with Elvis and the Sex Pistols. Her mother, Kathy (Sharon Farrell), waitresses, shoots up drugs, and takes refuge in the arms of other men, including her husband’s best friend, Charlie (Don Gordon).

CeBe runs away to Vancouver’s punk scene and ends up on juvenile probation under the care of well-meaning psychiatrist Dr. Brean (Raymond Burr). After Don’s release, the family struggles to re-connect and start over before the revelation of dark secrets leads to a harrowing conclusion.

Restored in 4K by Discovery Productions, Inc. at Roundabout Entertainment. 4K scanning from the original 35mm camera negative, with sound from the 35mm original 3-track magnetic master.

“A bitter, unforgettable poem about alienation... The movie escalates so relentlessly toward its violent, nihilistic conclusion that when it comes, we believe it. This is a very good movie that simply got overlooked.”—Roger Ebert

“[Linda Manz] as Cebe, arguably one of the best teen characters ever portrayed on film.”—Chloe Sevigny

“The world at large doesn’t always make sense to me, and there are safe havens… Linda Manz in OUT OF THE BLUE is one of them.”—Natasha Lyonne