Queer Futures

63 mins.
Directed by various

Please note: due to personal reasons, director Sasha Wortzel is unable to attend this event for the previously scheduled filmmaker Q&A.

The screening of QUEER FUTURES will continue, and we look forward to welcoming you in experiencing these powerful films.

The QUEER FUTURES collection centers joy and connection to radically imagine future visions of queer life. Four short films explore fat beauty and liberation, gender-affirming healthcare, nonbinary ballroom culture, and the anonymous connections of a decades-old LGBTQ hotline.

Transcending the rigidity and oppressions of the current moment, these films build speculative worlds that offer new ways of being – in the present and the future. Just as queer lives subvert normative expectations of behavior, identity, and expression, these directors expand the boundaries of nonfiction forms to present new ways of seeing the queer experience lived out loud.