71 mins.
Directed by John Skoog
Swedish and Polish with subtitles

Director John Skoog in person. Free to Amherst Cinema Members.

Director John Skoog turns the camera on the small Swedish village where he was born, gathering stories and characters from rural Scandanavia and dissecting traditional documentary form.

Like shadows over the landscape, protagonists flit through the film: Beata, a seasonal worker who comes to Sweden for the first time; Aaron, a young man with a broken heart returning to the place where he grew up; and Billie, a girl lost in her first summer vacation.

As the film follows their lives, which slowly merge with the landscape, a map is drawn of the confusion between machines, people, and animals. Their dependence on each other becomes clearer, in this era where the future is obscured by man's violent imprint on the planet.

Winner of the grand prize at the CPH:DOX festival.

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