The Room

Directed by 

Johnny loves his live-in girlfriend, Lisa. He brings her presents. They have sex to horrible R&B-lite tunes.  Lisa seems to enjoy the sex, but it turns out she is a big faker. Their creepy teenage neighbor, Denny, tries to watch.  Lisa doesn't love Johnny, but she thinks his best friend Mark is pretty hot, and apparently, no one can resist Lisa.  Lisa's mom is dying of breast cancer. Denny pisses off a drug dealer. Lisa encourages Johnny to drink too much and then makes up a story about him getting drunk and hitting her.  Johnny, Mark, and Denny play football while wearing tuxedos.  Lisa hosts a birthday party for Johnny and announces that she is pregnant, then privately confesses to a friend that she's really not. Lisa then hits on Mark during the party, even though they had agreed to end their affair. Johnny finds out his beloved girlfriend is not only untrustworthy, she's not even really human.  Whether Tommy Wiseau's instant cult favorite is the worst melodrama ever conceived, or the wiliest black comedy since CITIZEN KANE will be a matter of debate for generations of unsuspecting viewers.  Either way, it will tear you apart!

Director Tommy Wiseau.  99 mins, Rated R