The Room with Greg Sestero

99 mins.
Directed by Tomm Wiseau
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Sun, 10/3

The 7:00 show is now sold out.

Join us for a special evening of the hit cult classic THE ROOM with Greg Sestero, star of THE ROOM and author of THE DISASTER ARTIST, the critically-acclaimed tell-all about the making of THE ROOM that inspired A24's award-winning film THE DISASTER ARTIST.

Come early for a meet and greet with Greg Sestero, starting at 6:00 before the 7:00 show and at 9:45 before the 10:15 show. Both screenings will be followed by Q&As.

Whether Tommy Wiseau's instant cult favorite is the worst melodrama ever conceived, or the wiliest black comedy since CITIZEN KANE will be a matter of debate for generations of unsuspecting viewers. Either way, it will tear you apart!