Ryuichi Sakamoto | Opus

New York Times Critics' Pick
103 mins.
Directed by Neo Sora

A celebration of an artist’s life in the purest sense, RYUICHI SAKAMOTO | OPUS is the definitive swan song of one of the world’s greatest musicians.

In late 2022, as a parting gift, Ryuichi Sakamoto mustered all of his energy to leave us with one final performance: a concert film featuring just him and his piano. Curated and sequenced by Sakamoto himself, the twenty pieces featured in the film wordlessly narrate his life through his wide-ranging oeuvre. The selection spans his entire career, from his pop-star period with Yellow Magic Orchestra and his magnificent scores for filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci to his meditative final album, 12.

Intimately filmed in a space he knew well and surrounded by his most trusted collaborators, including director Neo Sora, his son, Sakamoto bares his soul through his exquisitely haunting melodies, knowing this was the last time he would be able to present his art.

“The twin themes of RYUICHI SAKAMOTO | OPUS are art and mortality, and they’re twisted so tightly together that they become inextricable... For the fan, it’s an intensely moving experience. But even for the viewer without much knowledge of Sakamoto’s work, OPUS holds its own as the rare cinematic space for contemplation.” Alissa Wilkinson. A New York Times Critic's Pick!