Songs of Earth

90 mins.
Directed by Margreth Olin
Norwegian with subtitles
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Mon, 6/17
Tue, 6/18
Wed, 6/19
Thu, 6/20

A soaring documentary portrait, SONGS OF EARTH is an ambitious work from Margreth Olin, who ties cosmic themes of love, grace, time, and memory together through the much smaller tale of her aging parents’ extraordinary love for one another.

Cycling through the four seasons with the majestic landscape of Norway as the backdrop, Olin explores how the slow movement of time changes landscapes, whether it’s the crags in her father’s forehead or a glacier moving slowly across a landscape over decades.

Norway’s official selection for the Academy Awards®, SONGS OF EARTH is a majestic symphony for the big screen.

Executive produced by Liv Ullmann and Wim Wenders.

“It’s an altogether extraordinary film, one I’ve thought about often since I first saw it, and I’m delighted that it’s playing in theaters—the immersive nature of the sounds, music and landscapes are worth experiencing with the full concentration a cinema affords.” Alissa Wilkinson, New York Times Critic's Notebook