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Why should we rethink "literacy" in the 21st Century?

Special Guest Appearance - Stephen Apkon

Thurs Nov 14 @ 7:30pm

This event is sold out. Reservations no longer accepted.

Stephen Apkon, the founder and executive director of the Jacob Burns Film Center and the Media Arts Lab, a nonprofit film and education center in Pleasantville, NY will be speaking about his new book The Age of the Image: Redefining Literacy in a World of Screens

Stephen Apkon draws on the history of literacy, on the science of how storytelling works on the human brain, and on the value of literacy in real-world situations, and argues that now is the time to transform the way we teach, create, and communicate so that we can all step forward together into a rich and stimulating future.

See-Hear-Feel-Film, an innovative education program for third graders, was created at the Jacob Burns Film Center and is now taught at Amherst Cinema. This program is a dynamic answer to Stephen Apkon’s call for a new paradigm in how we teach, create and communicate. We invite you to a riveting presentation by one of our country’s leading visualists and educators, to hear more about See-Hear-Feel-Film and the imperative of teaching visual literacy.

“The Age of the Image lays out the tools we need to cultivate our awareness of and attention to every message and every gesture, artistic or opportunistic, expressed in print or in pixels. It’s not just a plea for literacy, but a wonderful road map and guide for how it can be taught and nurtured.” - Martin Scorsese

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