95 mins.
Directed by Lila Avilés
Spanish with subtitles

Coming soon.

In a bustling Mexican household, seven-year-old Sol is swept up in a whirlwind of preparations for the birthday party for her father, Tona, led by her mother, aunts and other relatives. As the day goes on, building to an event both anticipated and dreaded, Sol begins to understand the gravity of the celebration this year and watches as her family does the same.

This poignant and emotionally expansive film from Lila Aviles (THE CHAMBERMAID) cements her skill at directing dynamic, ensemble performances in her stunning sophomore effort.

“There are animals everywhere in this lovely movie. There’s a parrot in the garage, a kitten in the kitchen, a dog on a couch and another on a floor. They add visual interest, of course, cuteness and fluff and trails of slug slime, though also mystery, wonder and meaning. Like Sol, they are small beings often at the mercy of much-bigger ones. And just like this intrepid child, they exist in worlds within worlds, realms of existence that are at once autonomous and interdependent, expansive and finite, haunted by the ineluctable fragility of life whose glories they reveal.” Manohla Dargis. A New York Times Critic's Pick!