The Runner

91 mins.
Directed by Amir Naderi
Farsi with subtitles
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Sun, 5/21
Wed, 5/24

Amiro, an illiterate 11-year-old orphan living alone in an abandoned tanker in the Iranian port city of Abadan, survives by shining shoes, selling water, and diving for deposit bottles, while being bullied by both adults and competing older kids. But he finds solace by dreaming about departing cargo ships and airplanes and by running... seemingly to nowhere.

One of the films that drew global attention to the Iranian New Wave, THE RUNNER is restored from the original negative in 2K by Cineric.

“You can see why—in the unblinking honesty descended from Italian neorealism, with its nonprofessional casting and social trenchancy, combined with the personal expression reminiscent of French New Wave—THE RUNNER hit international film audiences of the time like a newly discovered color in a spectrum that features Buster Keaton, Vittorio De Sica and François Truffaut.” Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times.