In Times Of Fading Light

100 mins.
Directed by Matti Geschonneck
German with subtitles

In the early fall of 1989, the days of communist Germany are numbered as the structures of East Germany are starting to give in to the pressures of the West and the peaceful revolution.

But in the living room of the Powileits, time stands still. It’s Wilhelm’s 90th birthday. A former resistance fighter and exile, he is an unapologetically hardline communist veteran. His wife Charlotte invited neighbors and friends to celebrate this special occasion. But one person is missing, namely the only person, who, according to Charlotte, is capable of setting up the extendable table for the buffet: Sascha, her grandson.

While everybody does their best to pretend that the outside world is still as it was, a big, scandalous surprise waits in the wings: Sascha defected to the West a few days ago…