Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story

98 mins.
Directed by Kate Fix & Jason Summers of Magic Umbrella Films

Dead Moon member Toody Cole in person. Presented in collaboration with Women of Rock Oral History Project.

Undisputedly written into the annals of rock history and dedicated to the most sincere methods of the DIY ethos UNKNOWN PASSAGE: THE DEAD MOON STORY chronicles Northwest rockers Dead Moon. Beginning with footage of a 14 year-old Deep Soul Cole ("the white Stevie Wonder"), Unknown Passage tells the history of one of the most reclusive bands through their various garage, psych, folk, and punk rock incarnations.

In the mid-2000s, pressing their records at home, in a house they built from the ground up, Dead Moon run their own "frontier mini-mall," record label and music store, while in their spare time "keep one gig ahead of a day job" by touring through the US and Europe-with the occasional 15-hour penny-slots casino pitstop. Here stands the triumph of a family of "old-west homesteaders" against corporate control and gracelessly growing old.

UNKNOWN PASSAGE: THE DEAD MOON STORY is Fred, Toody & Andrew's Dead Moon experience, a culmination of their 40-year life in music and love.

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