WBCN and the American Revolution

124 mins.
Directed by Bill Lichtenstein

Run extended! Playing through November 5. 

  • Platform:  Amherst Cinema via Agile Ticketing
  • Ticket details:  $10.75 general admission, $7.50 Amherst Cinema Members  //  30 days to start watching  //  three days to finish once started
  • How to watch:  Through the internet browser on your computer, tablet, or smart phone

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The amazing, untold story of the radical underground radio station WBCN-FM, set against the dazzling and profound social, political, and cultural changes that took place in Boston and nationally during the late-1960s and early-70s.

Told through the actual sights, sounds, and stories of a compelling cast of characters who connected through the radio station, exploding music and countercultural scenes, militant anti-war activism, civil rights struggles, and the emerging women’s and LGBTQ-liberation movements.

It's "the incredible, true story of how a radio station, politics, and rock ‘n’ roll changed everything."

Directed by Peabody Award-winner Bill Lichtenstein who began working at WBCN at age 14 in 1970.