Winged Migration

89 mins.
Directed by Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzau and Michel Debats

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Introduction by Dan Ziomek, veteran birdwatcher and nursery manager at the Hadley Garden Center.

While practically everyone is aware of the fact that birds fly south for the winter, and return home in the spring, few are aware of just how arduous the journey can be.

Jacques Perrin, a noted actor and film producer in his native France, decided to document this process, using flocks of birds who had been trained to ignore the distractions of his camera crew, and employing a variety of state-of-the-art technology to capture as unobtrusively as possible the flight paths of different birds from around the globe.

The result is WINGED MIGRATION, a visually dazzling documentary that records the flight of dozens of different birds as they follow their navigational instincts and make the taxing journey to more temperate climates in the fall, all chronicled without the use of narration.

Topic: Unlocking the mysteries of bird migration.

Speaker: Dan Ziomek has a love for plants and a passion for birding. As the nursery manager at the Hadley Garden Center for 25 years, he enjoys teaching people about plants. His interest in birding was nurtured through Hitchcock Center classes with Steve Stanne and he currently hosts a daily radio segment dedicated to teaching the public about the birds in our backyards.