99 mins.
Directed by various directors
Swiss German, French, and German with subtitles

In partnership with The Goethe-Institut Boston, Amherst Cinema is proud to present New Films From Germany, with a special focus on the work of emerging directors.

Introduction by Lisa Haegele, PhD, Lecturer in German Studies, Smith College.

It is autumn and getting colder in Switzerland. Suddenly an inexplicable and frightening cloud is over the country. Its origin is a mystery to the experts, who merely state that it is growing continuously, and its unloading is only a matter of time. It is still calm outside, but the cloud hangs over the country like the sword of Damocles.

WONDERLAND uses this state of widespread uncertainty for a current snapshot of Switzerland: ten young film auteurs from the French and German-speaking parts shine a light on people, mentalities, and social environments in one of the world’s wealthiest countries and weave these personal episodes into one large, joint story.

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