The World Before Your Feet

New York Times Critics' Pick
95 mins.
Directed by  Jeremy Workman

There are 8,000 miles of sidewalks, paths and roads in New York City, and for the past six years Matt Green has been walking them all–every street, every block, every pedestrian overpass, park lane and hiking trail.

A journey that stretches from the heart of Harlem to the marshes of Staten Island, Matt’s walk is a pursuit of anything that catches his eye, be it a national landmark or a humble manhole cover.

Director Jeremy Workman accompanies Matt as he walks towards completing his goal through neighborhoods rarely seen onscreen, chronicling the unusual daily routine of an exceptionally curious young man.

Forgoing his former engineering job, his apartment, and most of his possessions, Matt sustains his endeavor through couch-surfing, cat-sitting and a $15 per day budget.

He’s not sure exactly why he’s doing it, only knowing that there’s no other way he’d rather spend his days. 

"Short of walking with Green, a film is an ideal way to share in his knowledge. And after watching THE WORLD BEFORE YOUR FEET, it’s difficult to look at the city the same way." Ben Kenigsberg. A New York Times Critic's Pick!