In The Fade: December Preview Club

106 mins.
Directed by Fatih Akin
German with subtitles

Out of nowhere, Katja’s life falls apart when her husband Nuri and little son Rocco are killed in a bomb attack. Her friends and family try to give her the support she needs, and Katja somehow manages to make it through the funeral.

But the mind numbing search for the perpetrators and reasons behind the senseless killing complicate Katja’s painful mourning, opening wounds and doubts.

Danilo, a lawyer and Nuri’s best friend, represents Katja in the eventual trial against the two suspects: a young couple from the neo-Nazi scene.

The trial pushes Katja to the edge, but there’s simply no alternative for her: she wants justice.

Our post-screening conversation will feature Ned DeLaCour, Stacey Novak and David Levit, clinical psychologists who will take up the range of deep human struggles explored in the film, including love and hate, trauma, revenge, and mourning. All three individuals are in private practice in our region and on the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Psychoanalysis.

With Preview Club, see preview screenings of major new independent and international films followed by conversations with special guest speakers, hosted by Amherst Cinema's Carol Johnson and George Myers.

The club is a great social experience. Preview Club subscribers are invited to participate in the post-screening discussion. You will be asked to fill out a comment card at each film, and some of the results will be read at the next film screening. Films are a surprise until the week of the screening. Expect a wide range of high-quality, discussion-provoking titles. Amherst Cinema promises many unforgettable evenings!

This is the final date for the Fall Season of Preview Club. Thanks for coming out!