LOMO: The Language of Many Others

101 mins.
Directed by Julia Langhof
German with subtitles

Karl, about to finish high school, seems to have the perfect family: his father is an architect, his mother a former singer who spends all her time on the computer with role playing games. Karl's ambitious sister Anna already knows she's moving to Canada to study International Communications.

But Karl spends most of his time on the Internet with his blog "LOMO - The Language of Many Others", collecting photographs and videos and compiling them into series.

Is identity just an illusion? Many of his followers ask themselves this very question.

When Karl falls in love with a new classmate, Doro, he thinks he finally knows what he wants. But his luck is short-lived and Doro loses interest.

For Karl, one thing is clear now: nothing is true, everything is random. Disillusioned, he starts playing a dangerous game. His followers take increasingly more control of his life, making decisions for him, and eventually ruling over matters of life and death.