Hidden Figures

127 mins.
Directed by Theodore Melfi

As the United States races against Russia to put a man in space, three brilliant African American women at NASA — Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer), and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe) — become the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn (Glen Powell) into orbit, a stunning achievement that captivates the world.

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Speaker: Dr. Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Department of Anthropology UMass Amherst, a historical archaeologist who focuses on the intersection of race, class and gender in the shaping of cultural landscapes across the African diaspora. Dr. Battle-Baptiste is also the Director of the W.E.B. DuBois Center at the UMass Libraries.

Topic: Race, class and gender, the biographies of the real-life women portrayed in HIDDEN FIGURES, and the complexities of why so many of us know so little about their lives or their impact on the space program.

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