107 mins.
Directed by Andres Veiel
German with subtitles

BEUYS is a thrilling documentary about Joseph Beuys, one of Germany’s most revolutionary and visionary artists.

Thirty years after his death he still seems to be ahead of his time. Compiled of countless photographs and television excerpts, we witness Beuys’ peculiar approach to challenging and provoking the mindset of society.

Director Andres Veiel and his team created a one-of- a-kind chronicle: BEUYS is not a portrait in the common sense but an intimate look at a human being, his art, and his world of ideas. With this film, Beuys takes his place as the first real late-sixties media-artist alongside Andy Warhol.

See BEUYS here in Amherst ahead of its debut US theatrical run, starting this January at the Film Forum in NYC.