Online Registration for Members

On October 6, Amherst Cinema switched to a brand new system for selling tickets online and in our box office called Agile Ticketing Solutions.

In order to enjoy Member pricing online or to redeem film passes, you need to create a new Member account in the Agile system. To do this:

Step 1

Click here for our login page. Press "Are you a member? Sign in with your number here."


Step 2

Click on "Forgot your Number?"


Step 3

Enter your first and last name and your zip code, and press "submit."


Step 4

Your new Member number will appear at the bottom of the form. Click on your Member number.


Step 5

You'll be redirected to the sign in page, and your Member number will be automatically populated in the number field. Press "Submit."


Step 6

If you have an individual Membership, skip this step and go straight to Step 7. If you have a dual Membership, select your name and press "Submit."


Step 7

Enter your email address, a username, and a password, and press "Create Account."


Step 8

Congratulations! You created an account and you're now signed in.

When you go to purchase tickets for a film, you'll see your name and Membership number at the top of the page and Member tickets will be available.