Restorations & Rediscoveries

A sparkling new restoration can be a revelation. Whether an established classic of the canon or an underseen gem, crystal-clear image and immersive sound can reveal entirely new layers of meaning and emotion. Experience these great films, rescued from out of the past and made new again through recent restorations.

New 4K restoration! One of the major achievements of twenty-first-century cinema thus far, Béla Tarr’s mesmeric parable of societal collapse is an enigma of transcendent visual, philosophical, and mystical resonance.
Wed, 10/11
New 4K restoration! Godard’s sweeping, deconstructed melodrama chronicles scenes from a marital breakdown between a screenwriter (Michel Piccoli) and his wife (Brigitte Bardot), as both become enmeshed in the behind-the-camera struggles of a director (Fritz Lang) and producer (Jack Palance) filming an adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey.
Sun, 11/5
Tue, 11/14
New 4K restoration! An adaptation of Ousmane Sembène’s own 1973 novel, XALA offers a hilarious, caustic satire of political corruption under an inept patriarchy.
Wed, 11/8