The Art of Honoré Sharrer

A Dangerous Woman: Subversion and Surrealism in the Art of Honoré Sharrer at the Smith College Art Museum is the first exhibition to fully reveal the formidable voice of Honoré Sharrer (1920 – 2009), a major art figure in the years surrounding World War II.

With equal parts wit, seduction, and bite, her work presents a potent and often unsettling critique of the conventions of American culture.

As part of the related programming for this exhibition, Amherst Cinema and SCMA have selected two films that compellingly explore many of the same themes that inspired Sharrer’s art work.

Stanley Kubrick’s painfully funny take on Cold War anxiety is one of the fiercest satires of human folly ever to come out of Hollywood.
Sun, 10/15
The rare film that takes aim at the frenzy of the McCarthy era while also being suffused with its Cold War paranoia, THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE remains potent, shocking American moviemaking.
Sun, 11/12