Cinema Seminars

Curated and guided by industry and academic experts, Cinema Seminars invite you to take a deep dive into new and familiar film worlds.

Designed as a communal and conversational experience, Cinema Seminars offer participants the opportunity to thoughtfully explore, engage and foster new understandings of the film form within historical and cultural contexts.

All levels of learners and curiosity are welcome. While topics may vary, each seminar includes an introductory talk followed by a film screening.

Queer Horror: The Ifs, Ands, and Butts offers a survey of the topic in film and pop culture, presented with one-of-a-kind expertise from Anthony Hudson, the artist and ghoul behind Queer Horror—the only LGBTQ horror screening series in the country—at Portland, Oregon's Hollywood Theatre.
Thu, 10/19
In this seminar, learn about the life and work of Ousmane Sembène, a Senegalese laborer and dockworker born in 1923. Teaching himself to write in his 30s, he made his first film just before his 40th birthday. Within 10 years, Sembène had become a major figure in world cinema and a hero in the global Black Power movement. Presented by Mount Holyoke College Prof. Samba Gadjigo, Sembène’s official biographer, and his creative partner Jason Silverman.
Wed, 11/8
In this Cinema Seminar, Dan Cashman explores the contradiction of this gold standard in visual effects being the very death knell of practical and optical effects. The film is a rich text on the dangers of computer technology, both in theme and in practice.
Tue, 11/28