Cinema Seminars

Curated and guided by industry and academic experts, Cinema Seminars invite you to take a deep dive into new and familiar film worlds.

Designed as a communal and conversational experience, Cinema Seminars offer participants the opportunity to thoughtfully explore, engage and foster new understandings of the film form within historical and cultural contexts.

All levels of learners and curiosity are welcome. While topics may vary, each seminar includes a talk and a film screening.

This drama tells the story of a young boy growing up in a shaky, post-Soviet Ukraine, who, looking for a mentor, befriends an Afghan war veteran. After the film, filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk and Ivan Kozlenko, visiting researcher at Amherst College, discuss working across modes of documentary, feature film, and animation, and adapting literature for the screen. Free to the general public.
Wed, 3/27
7:00 pm
Sara (Seret Scott), a philosophy professor, and her husband, Victor (Bill Gunn), an ecstatic painter, spend a summer away from the city, straining their already rocky relationship. Ahead of the film, Smith College professor Anaiis Cisco presents "Breakthroughs in Black Cinema," exploring the aesthetics of LOSING GROUND and its nuanced depiction of the interiority of Black womanhood, while also illuminating alternate routes for independent filmmaking.
Wed, 4/3
From understanding the director’s vision to identifying the right talent, film casting is an art form. In "From Beale Street to Batman: Casting a Major Motion Picture," award-winning casting director Cindy Tolan shares stories from her career in casting for major Hollywood films. Following the seminar, join us for Steven Spielberg’s WEST SIDE STORY, one of Tolan’s celebrated recent films with a huge ensemble cast.
Sat, 4/20
In MAKING WAVES, Midge Costin reveals the hidden power of sound in cinema through film clips and insight from visionary directors and sound designers. Following the film, Costin joins us in person to share highlights from her career as a Hollywood sound editor and passionate teacher and advocate for the creative use of sound in the cinematic arts.
Tue, 5/14