Exhibition On Screen

EXHIBITION ON SCREEN is the originator and market leader for bringing blockbuster art events from galleries around the world to cinemas. Intertwined with artist biographies and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the galleries, the films are informative, accessible and entertaining. Shot for the big screen, they offer an immersive, cinematic journey through the world’s most loved art and its creators.

Filmed at the MFA in Boston and the Tate Britain, London, step into the glittering world of fashion, scandal, and shameless self-promotion that made John Singer Sargent the painter who defined an era.
Sat, 6/1
This film gives voice to those whose lives have been touched by the renowned National Gallery in London—from security guard to curator, from everyday visitor to celebrity. Interviewees each identify the one artwork that means the most to them and why, providing a fascinating lens through which to explore the gallery’s 200-year history.
Tue, 6/4
Sat, 7/13
Shot at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, this remarkable collection of Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, and avant-garde artists of the early 20th century reveals the rise of the modern garden in popular culture.
Sat, 6/15