Make A Bequest

A Simple Way to Give
A bequest to the Amherst Cinema Arts Center…
· helps  to ensure superb film in the Pioneer Valley.
· reduces the value of your taxable estate.
· may include assets such as securities, real estate, or tangible personal property.
· is made by people of all ages to reaffirm their philanthropic goals and values.
If you choose to make a bequest to the Amherst Cinema Arts Center in your will, please let us know so that we can thank you, and with your permission, recognize your generosity and vision for the future of the Amherst Cinema Arts Center. For more information, please contact or 413-253-2547.

Sample Bequest Language:

“I give (_____dollars or _____percentage of my estate, or the remainder of my estate) to the Amherst Cinema Arts Center, a not-for-profit 501c (3) charitable cultural organization, in Amherst, Massachusetts, for the benefit of its general purposes(or a special purpose)."