86 mins.
Directed by Stuart Gordon

Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) is a new Miskatonic University student who also moonlights as a mad scientist, intent on perfecting a serum that "re-animates" corpses. Soon, everyone wants a piece of the action, including an evil professor and his army of slime-covered deadites.

Director Stuart Gordon and producer Brian Yuzna's joint debut, this epochal and awe-inspiring amalgam of FRANKENSTEIN and REVENGE OF THE NERDS is a hyperactive dose of gruesome insanity beloved by horror audiences all over the world.

With berserker theatrics and career-defining roles from horror icons Combs and Barbara Crampton, RE-ANIMATOR is a masterpiece of its genre. This is the original 86-minute unrated cut, a.k.a. the director's cut, presented in a new 4K restoration.